Omega 3 fish oil has had lots of attention in the media of late. In one recent scaremongering media frenzy, they said it caused prostate cancer. This is a shame. The evidence for this claim has since been shown to be faulty, but that part of the story didn’t get as much mainstream attention.

The benefits of omega 3 fish oil are as close to superhuman as any supplement available today. As you’re about to find out, if you take your health seriously fish oil is a must not a should.

1. Reduced Muscle Soreness

“I find that fish oil helps combat muscle soreness (DOMS).” – Sol Orwell, editor of

We all know the feeling of having a great workout in the gym an waking up too sore to walk down the stairs. For anyone with an active job, this muscle soreness can be a great motivational obstacle in the way of consistent training. By taking fish oil, according to Sol Orwell, the editor of the most scientific supplement website, you’ll reduce muscle soreness and as a result have better, fresher performance.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Studies show that adequate amounts of omega 3 fish oil creates a notable reduction in blood pressure. The good news is, it only lowers it for those with existing high blood pressure. If you have normal blood pressure, fish oil won’t lower it but prevent it from getting higher. Fish oil is both a cure and a preventative medicine.

3. Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are free floating fat compounds that circulate the body. Have too many of them and you’re more likely to get atherosclerosis and heart disease. The benefits of fish oil are literally superhuman. It’s the closest thing we have in nutrition to a magic pill. An analysis of the studies on fish oil shows that reductions of 15-30% in triglycerides are apparent with regular supplementation.

4. Depression

Fish oil supplementation has been noted to be comparable to pharmaceutical drugs (fluoxetine) in helping majorly depressed persons. We don’t have much evidence of the effects on those with minor depression but it’s not unreasonable to presume that fish oil will have some impact.

Depression is as much physiological as it is psychological. Exercise has also been shown to improve depression equally as well as drugs. Fish oil, like exercise, improves overall health, and healthy brains are happy brains.

5. Less Stress Hormones

Cortisol is a stress hormone. Cortisol rises when we workout, lose sleep, diet, spend too much time alone and get angry. High cortisol levels are very dangerous — stress is a killer. Supplementing with fish oil has been shown to mitigate the damage cortisol reeks on our health and wellbeing.

6. Increased Fat Oxidisation

Another benefit of fish oil supplementation is improved fat oxidisation. What this means is that more of the calories you burn will come from fat cells rather than protein or glycogen. In layman’s terms, supplementing with fish oil will make weight loss and muscle gain more efficient. In the former you’ll preserve more lean mass, in the latter you’ll create more.

7. Sun Protection

Omega 3 fish oil has also been shown to protect us from the sun. Since sun exposure is the number one thing that makes us appear to age, fish oil will literally slow down the ageing process while preventing skin cancer.

How To Take

Taking fish oil is not enough, the correct dose is paramount. It’s common to see people buy a tub of fish oil and only supplement with 1 gram per day. This is not enough. The only ingredients in fish oil that are active are EPA and DHA. You need 3 grams combined of EPA and DHA, most fish oil capsules contain 300mg. You’d need to take 10 each day to hit the recommended daily dose. Some capsules have even less active ingredients.

Make sure to check the amount of EPA and DHA in the fish oil you buy. Aim for high quality, high strength. Even with the highest dosages you’re probably looking at 4 capsules a day. Make sure to get 3 grams of EPA and DHA combined and you’ll be ready to start reaping the superhuman benefits of omega 3 fish oil.

It will usually take 3 months of supplementation for the full effects to occur.