Nobody enters the  world with a manual on how to survive. It was down to our parents to take care of us and pass down the survival basics. Through the course of our lives we find ourselves under the influence of many people – teachers, friends and public figures – who openly tell us how we should love. However, we have to decide what we will use in order to progress throughout our adult life.

In today’s article, I would like to share with you 6 necessary survival tips for everday life, that can be used an applied to better your lifestyle, and help you progress in our modern world.


1. Have A Dream

Dreams can be very powerful. They have inspired men and women to get up, go to hell and back, and change the world. We’re not talking fantasy’s that can’t physically happen – we are talking about the sort of dreams that will inspire you to make it truly happen.

We should all take the time to think about our dreams, make them realistic and attainable. We all have our own personal mountain to climb, and we follow it’s calling, that is when life truly becomes an adventure.

2. Don’t Listen To The Dream Stealers

When you have a dream and start telling people, you will meet the common cynics who will laugh at you. These people are some of the most dangerous to mankind, and we will never be short of them. There are many reasons why people may want to rain on your parade; perhaps they are jealous, or have no dreams of their own. The key is not to listen them to hard. Hear them if you must, but move on and continue to strive for what you believe in.

3. Chase The Goal, Not The Money

There are many unhappy millionaires out there to know that money alone does not make you happy. Billionaire John Paul Getty said: ‘I would give everything I own for one happy marriage’. Money can be an incredible blessing, if you get it right. It’s better to let your talent strive and focus on bettering peoples lives, and you will find out that money will be close beside you.

4. Be The Most Enthusiastic Person You Know

Enthusiasm so often makes the critical difference: it sustains you when times are tough, it encourages those around you, it is totally infectious and it rapidly becomes a habit! Enthusiasm can add a 5 per cent sparkle to everything we do – and life is often won or lost in that little extra bit that carries us home over the finish line.

5. Say Yes

A champion in life always goes against the grain and takes the path less trodden. And means learning to say ‘Yes, why not?” instead of ‘Why?’ This is especially important in the early days of building a career or following our dreams. You have got to get out there and get busy opening lots of oysters in search of that pearl. It’s always better to say yes and try something, rather than saying no because you fear where a yes will take you.

6. See Things Through The End

Behind every successful person you will find a string of failed attempts. It is just the way of the world: to get successes, you have to get out there and commit to fail a few times. The key is not in the failures themselves, but in your ability to keep going. Like enthusiasm , the determination to see things through to the end is very frequently a more important in being successful than qualifications or letters after your name.