Hi ladies. Looking to surprise your beloved spouse this coming holiday? Just because men have won the reputation for being rather placid about gifts, clothing, décor and everything in between, they are human and any reasonable person will always appreciate when you do something for them because deep down we all know it’s really the thought that counts. So when you’ve run out of thoughts, you can find below a list of six ideas on surprising that special man in your life.

  1. Get him something he’s always wanted that you didn’t think would be a worthy spend.

So maybe he wanted the new Xbox or PlayStation and whatever else that gets his motor revving, and you thought that money would be better spent on new carpets or fixing those door handles? It’s only natural for the woman to assume the role of the adult in any relationship, but let him have this. Go to the store and buy it for him and let him come home to a nicely wrapped gift.

This will not only surprise him senseless but it’ll make you seem so cool and trendy and that matters because adults strive to be cool and trendy to the young ones.


  1. Organize a boys night out for him

Unless this is something he already has, try encourage him to get some time off. Men will not always be verbal about needing a break the way women are, so he could just be internalising everything, so let him know that you care for his well-being (not just by coking extra broccoli with no chicken) but by giving him some time to just be him and not worry about the things he usually worries about.


  1. Encourage his good habits

What constructive things is he into? Does he like sports? Golf? Does he read a lot? Is he obsessed with a certain historical era? Encourage it by maybe buying him a collection of books from his favourite author, or pay for his one year subscription to the magazine/newspaper/membership of his choice.

This will show him that you support and appreciate that area of his life that has nothing to do with you.


  1. Choose a random day to spoil him

Not his birthday or father’s day but the most random of days. How’s a Monday morning? Or Tuesday evening? The point is to have him in complete shock (he may wonder if you have something you need to come clean about) but in general he will feel special and appreciated.


  1. Book a night out

Do you and he spend a lot of time running with kids? Or maybe you’re both too consumed with work? Get the night or two off.  You deserve it and so does he. Don’t think too much about it. Make those bookings. Find out what’s available at your local area and just go with it.


  1. Remind him he’s special

Yes men need that too. Maybe even more than woman. When last did you truly thank him for what he does for the family? When last did you do it with sincerity? And accompany it with action, maybe cook his favourite meal.


Show him love every day and remind him why he is special to you, you married him for a reason and remind yourself why as well. Always keep the flame burning.