Imagine what your life would be like if you knew that the moment you entered a room, people would immediately take notice, want hear what you have say, and be eager to earn your approval. For people who know the principles in this article today, this is a way of life. If your a leader, or aspire to be one, you know that charisma and character matters. Below we will explore 5 ways to make yourself unforgettable by the very principles all great leaders use.

1. Deliver Unforgettable Energy

It is said that the person who has the highest energy always dominates the experience. Low energy and mood can instantly ruin first impressions. The human mind can read facial expressions in as little as seventeen milliseconds, the person you are speaking to will notice the tiniest of delays in your reactions. If your energy is low and your mind is half present, people will notice. Once you have given this impression, it can be very difficult to redeem yourself. You must practice unforgettable energy by being consciously aware of your mood and behaviours. At anytime, we can put ourselves in a state of higher energy simply by force. Some of the greatest leaders in the world experience low moods, but when it comes to be in the public eye they will force the correct energy upon themselves to deliver their best performance.

2. Practice Power And Warmth

Being seen as powerful means being perceived as able to affect the world around us, whether through influence on or authority over others. We look for cues of power in someones appearance, in others reactions to this person, and most of all, in the persons body language. Warmth, simply put, is goodwill towards others. People tend to accept whatever you project. Just by increasing your projection of power and warmth you increase your level of charisma.

3. Display The Right Body Language

To be unforgettable, your body language matters more than your words do. No matter how powerful your message is pr how skilfully crafted your pitch, if your body language is wrong, you wont be charismatic. On the other hands, with he right body language you can be charismatic without saying a word. We cannot micromanage our body language, but since our subconscious is responsible for most of non verbal behaviours, we can work on our minds. our body language is usually a a reflection of of mental state, if you practice working on your state of mind as a result your non verbal behaviours will change.

4. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

People do all they can to avoid feelings of discomfort, and because of this is can handicap your charisma and personal potential. To destigmatize an uncomfortable experience means to firstly understand that it’s normal to feel that way. feeling uncomfortable is a natural part of life, and is experience by thousands of great leaders. Most people are not aware of this, and usual ruin their personal potential by becoming to overwhelmed. You on the other hand must accept these feelings of anxiety and discomfort as normal. Accepting this will allow help reduce those unwanted feelings, and will help you get better at dealing with them.

5. Stop Imitating Others

Of course, it is natural to adopt the attitudes and behaviours of our heroes in life. We want to be more like the people we are inspired by. However, it is one thing to take on a new attitude of those we admire, than to fully imitate them. Imitating other people can lead to a desperate failure. Trying to consciously be someone else will always show through. A question you must ask yourself is this: Would by hero imitate someone else? The answer would be no, because you are inspired by them for a reason. Being yourself and delivering your own unique attitude is part of being an unforgettable leader. It’s okay to take advice and adopt similar attitudes and beliefs, but you have to be you, not someone else.