Many foods are packed with health benefits, and so naturally, we eat more of those foods. However, sometimes moderation really is key. These 5 foods are healthy, but watch that you don’t over consume.

1. Nuts

Nuts are great sources of protein, as well as fiber, vitamins, and other healthy things. But they’re also really high in calories. This chart is a handy visual aid when deciding how many nuts to eat. Around two tablespoons of peanuts comes in at 100 calories, so snack with care.

2. Dried Fruit

Another delicious and nutritious snack, dried fruit is a tricky food to navigate. It often takes several pieces for us to feel truly satisfied, yet you would never eat several whole fruits in one sitting. Because the water is removed from the fruit, the pieces are often smaller and less filling. But keep this in mind: 1 cup of dried apricots is 381 calories, as opposed to 79 calories in a cup of fresh apricot slices.

3. Yogurt

Often, yogurt is seen as a low-calorie, protein-filled snack. However, it can also contain tons of sugar. A container of Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt has 19 grams of sugar. Yogurt is great for a filling snack, but be wary of the sugar content, which can rise even higher with other brands.

4. Energy Bars

When we’re hungry, it can be tempting to reach for a prepackaged snack like an energy bar. However, these bars are often laden with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and tons of artificial junk. The convenience of these bars just isn’t worth it.

5. Granola

Often touted as a health food, granola is typically very high in calories. Just one cup of granola can have 600 calories in it, much more than what many people like to consume for breakfast. Add in 25 grams of sugar and you’ve got a largely unhealthy food. Homemade granolas can cut down on this somewhat, but even they can have unhealthy components.