When you’re so committed to a routine, it can be easy to be rough on yourself if you deviate from it. After all, you didn’t get to where you are today by doing fill-in-the-blank thing, did you? No!

Well…maybe a little. Though discipline and focus are good in all aspects of life, don’t beat yourself up if you deviate a little from your plan. After all, you’re only human.

1. Having dessert

I love dessert. I have eaten dessert for breakfast, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s usually high in sugar and fat and I don’t care because it tastes great. And you know what? You shouldn’t care either. Dessert is a simple pleasure in life, so enjoy it! Just because it doesn’t fit into your diet doesn’t mean that you have to feel guilty every time you indulge a little bit.

2. Sleeping in (especially on the weekends)

It does not make you a lazy person if you sleep in from time to time. If you’re still tired, it’s probably your body telling you that you actually need more sleep. Just because your alarm goes off at 7 am on a Sunday doesn’t mean you have to obey it. Hit the snooze button a few times and grab some extra Z’s.

3. Being proud of yourself

It seems like somewhere along the way, it became taboo to be proud of your own achievements. There’s a big difference between bragging and being quietly proud of yourself. If you’ve done something awesome, you should let yourself feel good about it.

4. Accepting compliments

A lot of people have a problem accepting compliments — it makes them uncomfortable. However, it can really be a letdown for the person complimenting you if you brush it off. The person giving the compliment likely genuinely feels that way, so accept it graciously. Don’t think you aren’t deserving of praise, because you are!

5. Hating the trend du jour

Just because everyone else is drinking bitter kale smoothies and wearing big floppy hats, that doesn’t mean that you have to join in. It’s perfectly fine to not participate in whatever is hot nowadays. It’s much more rewarding to stick to what you like. Let them have their kale smoothies — bagels for breakfast are perfectly fine.