There’s nothing like stepping into a warm shower or bath, where we can just relax and spend time deep in thought after a long and stressful day. But if your crazy enough, you might just want to give it up and try cold therapy.

I know the idea of showering cold sounds… well… chilling. But in this article today, I am going to share with you 5 worthwhile benefits of cold showering that may just win you over. Let’s take a look at them below:

1. Cold Showers Can Help You Burn Fat

When we are exposed to cold temperatures, studies show that it can help speed up our fat loss progress. Not all fat is equal. There are two distinct types in the body: white adipose tissue (WAT) and brown adipose tissue (BAT).

WAT is what we usually think of as fat, like the marbling on a steak. BAT is the fat that helps generate heat to keep us warm. Cold exposure can stimulate BAT to burn fat and glucose as heat.

2. Cold Showers Can Help With Depression

Another worthily benefit of showering is that it can help with depression. A cold shower for as little as 3 minutes daily can help lift your mood, making you feel much better. Because the cold causes our surface vessels to tighten up, it makes the blood move from the surface of our body to the core, as a means to conserve heat. Not only does it conserve heat,  it also reflexively bathes the brain and vital organs in fresh blood.

3. Cold Showers Bring Us Back To Our Primal Roots

Throughout our millions of years of evolution, primates have endured physiological stressors like temporary cold and heat temperature changes as a part of daily life.  A cold shower can take advantage of the natural body reaction to these changes in order to make the body stronger. Also, these brief changes in body temperature like a cold swim or warm bathing have also shown to help our brain function

4. Cold Showers Can Improve The Immune System

Because cold showers can help increase the body’s metabolism, it also activates your immune system, which releases virus-fighting white blood cells that will help you get sick less frequently. Studies show that those who take cold showers typically exhibit higher white blood cell counts as well as higher concentrations of plasma, T helper cells, and lymphocytes.

5. Cold Showers Help You Adapt Better To Cold Weather

Studies show that those who spend more time in the cold are able to tolerate it much better. Because many of us are used to the warmth, even the slightest chill overwhelms. 5 minutes in a cold shower everyday may just help you tolerate the cold weather much better come winter.

Other Ways You Can Experience The Benefits Of Cold Showering:

  • Place an ice pack on the back of your neck for 20-30 minutes, simply lean back using a towel whilst watching TV or reading.
  • Consume 500ml (16 fl oz) of ice water on empty stomach immediately upon waking.
  • Take 20 minute baths that induce shivering.