There is power in our thoughts. Simply shifting your thoughts from pessimism to optimism can uplift and set you up for true happiness, health and success. You enjoy peace of mind and strength of character by taking time to quiet down and contemplate. Since the first few hours of the morning when you wake up can make or break your day, it helps to consider carefully what you tell yourself early on if you want to have a bright, positive day and not a moody, negative one. Here are some wonderful thoughts to start each day with that will inspire, uplift and open a window to a brighter outlook on life.

1.  Your day is what you make it to be. Why not make it great?

This thought by Steve Schulte is a great way to start each day. You cannot control how others act or behave, but you certainly can control how you act. Choose to act positively no matter what, and be happy bright and early. Beginning your morning with a sunny disposition and brimming with positivity helps you attract the right attitude and positivity that you desire from others.

2.  Not everyone wishes you bad.

You’ve got to remember that not everyone hates you. Therefore, steer clear of imaginations that make you think the worst of people. Instead, think of others in a positive light. Focus particularly on loved ones each day, such as your spouse, mum, dad or best friend. Appreciate the special relationship you share with them and it will shield you from pessimism that can set you off into an unpleasant mental spin.

3.  You, as much as anyone in the universe, deserves your own affection and love.

Many of us are our own worst critics. We beat ourselves too much and expect to fail at every turn, which is really bad. This beautiful Buddhist thought reminds us to love ourselves. When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself you deserve your own affection as much as anyone else. Resolve to do your best in life and take care of yourself. Only when you love and take care of yourself can you be able to extend that same love and care to others.

4.  Every little thing’s gonna be alright.

A wonderful thought popularized by late reggae musician Bob Marley that we should all rise up to every day, especially when we are facing difficulties and challenges in life. Tell yourself everything will be alright, not as an act of escapism or naivety, but as self-motivation to keep working hard and striving for a better tomorrow. Keep in mind that the only time failure is certain is when you yourself admit to it. As long as you continue pressing on, then you have a chance. Things will be alright in the end.

5.  You are not alone.

Whatever it is you are going through, you are not alone. Someone somewhere in this world has (and is) feeling that exact emotion you are feeling now, including the pain of divorce, disease and death. Remind yourself every morning that the pain or frustration you feel is not custom-made and reserved only to you. Build up the courage and inner strength to adopt and mold your experience for the inspiration and motivation of others. That’s a wonderful way to make the best of a bad situation.

6.  This too shall pass.

No matter how turbulent and dark your skies are now, they’ll clear and the sunny skies will rise again. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a broken heart, bruised ego or shattering embarrassment, start each day knowing that those who overcome are those who outlast hardships and challenges. Thoughts that your challenges and pain are permanent don’t help at all. Instead, think this too shall pass and believe it. When you believe it, you create the space to work out an answer and the resolve to weather the storm and bring the ship to safe harbor.

7.  There’s a bright side to every situation.

Most situations in life are not entirely bad or evil, even death has its purpose. You’ve got to find the positives in life each day. When you focus on the bright side of things, you drive out negative thoughts and uplift your mood and that of those around you. You realize it’s not so bad after all and find a reason to smile again. That is how to live positively happy and healthy. It’s not worth it to dwelling on negatives and grumble and complain all the time.

8.  Whatever it is that you want to do, you should do it now. There can only be so many tomorrows.

This powerful thought by Michael Landon reminds us that the sooner we get something done, the sooner we open new opportunities for ourselves and others going forward. In other words, what we do today matters a lot. Our actions today are an integral part of our tomorrow. Start each day knowing life is in a constant state of flux. Don’t let life pass you by as you mourn for the past and worry about the future. Live in the present moment earnestly and wisely, deliberately enjoying every moment of the way.

9.  A little Consideration, a little Thought for others makes all the difference.

People are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Not in what they do. Just in what they are. We are all members of the same human family. Start each day determined to show a little more love and consideration to your fellow human beings. It is the little things you do, the little moments you put yourself in another’s shoes that count. Whether you know someone personally or not, act out of compassion and understanding for them. That’s how to contribute and make this world even better.

10.  The world is a wonderful place.

Despite all the starvation, poverty and general devastation happening in the world, the world is still wonderful. This thought, popularized by Louis Armstrong in his classic song What a Wonderful World written in 1968 during the Vietnam War, reminds us that it’s not what we see, but the way we see. We have the ability to shape our expectations and views of the world around us. View the world as a wonderful place each day and it will be. Pay attention and you will be amazed by all the beauty that surrounds us—the birds, the trees, the rainbow, the fresh air, the love, the music, the possibilities, the victories. As Louis Armstrong sings, What a Wonderful World!