According to a study commissioned by ADAA, over 40 million adults in the United States (just about 18% of the populace) deals with anxiety and costing the U.S. more than $42 billion a year. That makes it the most widely recognized emotional sicknesses in the United States.

Anxiety can affect any person, regardless of earnings, education, social status, society, where they were born, or how they were raised. Numerous individuals endure in hush and, most terrible of all, numerous individuals are embarrassed to confess to others because of being judged, or viewed as unwell.

The feeling of anxiety is a disturbing and the feeling of helplessness, fear, uneasiness, confusion and uncertainty takes your moral down.  Here are some useful tips for you to deal with anxiety, so that you can come through the other side stronger than ever.

1: Know your emotional triggers

This accompanies time yet once you figured out how to perceive your triggers, then you will discover dealing with any nervousness or stresses a lot easier. Any trigger situation means; any sort of action that may be unusual or weird that demonstrates to you that something is not right. If you can distinguish your emotional triggers, you have a better chance to effectively  organize yourself to deal with them.

  1. Seek help & Talk to someone

If you are feeling anxious or hopeless then surround yourself with positive people. Don’t feel pain in silence. There will be always someone out there that you can talk to. Look for support in your home, company, community, church or with friends, there are always resources available to you.

  1. Start exercising

Exercise has numerous benefits, and releasing anxiety is one of them. Many studies have proven that exercise is a key to overcome depression. Make exercise a habit and start getting outside to take a long walk each day.

  1. Have some fun and laugh

Try to spend most of your time with positive and fun loving people around you. Start watching comedy movies, or TV shows. Find clips of stand-up acts on video website such as YouTube. Laughter is good for the soul (and great to stay positive and happy).

  1. Take time out

If you are stuck somewhere or find yourself trapped in a situation, then don’t be afraid to stop, then don’t be hesitant to stop, take a breath and take some time out. Take a break before it gets all too much for you. This is a highly effective strategy to clear some mind clutter and helping us to feel at peace. It also supports in our balanced decision-making ability.

  1. Eat healthy

Likewise with top tips, this is one that I’m not a strong believer of, but I genuinely agree that what you put in, you get out. You can’t expect your mind or body to function properly if you are eating too much chemicals, processed foods and sugar. Many studies proven that there is a strong correlation to depression.

  1. Music

Music is a good therapy for depression and anxiety. Listening to your favorite songs for just ten minutes might help you to boost you up on your dull and boring travel to the office. In case you are feeling down, upset or depressed, pop in your earphones and take a moment out.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is definitely something that you can control, and it is a very important step to managing your anxiety. For your help, here is a quick tip to get enough sleep: turn off all your electronic devices (mobile, laptop etc.) for not less than an hour before you go to sleep. In result; this will help to ease you, and will also increase the relaxation of your sleep.

  1. Make a change

Sometime change in environment is necessary, whether in your personal life or professional life such as getting married or changing jobs or career. So make a change, and take it as a new beginning rather than a failure.

     10. Get involved

Volunteering for interesting activities or getting involved in your community activities, helps you to build a strong support network around you. It also helps you to convert your focus on other people and their needs. In other words, it can have a powerful effect to eliminate your anxiety.