There are five days in a year when husbands have the opportunity to spoil their wives, her birthday, mother’s days (if you already have kids), Valentine’s Day, your anniversary and Christmas day. Although spoiling your wife on any given day comes highly recommended most men still struggle in coming up with creative things to do. Below are ten romantic and inexpensive ways to show wives appreciation

  1. Spice up her morning routine:

Do you know what her morning routine is? One way to definitely have her smiling and feeling loved is by incorporating romantic bits into her day. Start off with a special made breakfast in bed, next have bouquets of flowers waiting for her in her car, parking lot, driveway or any other given rout that she will take that morning.

Does she have a special place where she gets her coffee or the cafeteria at her work? Why don’t you have the coffee man/café chef to hand her a rose and a special message from you to her?

This will not only have her melting but it will make her feel special as she will definitely appreciate all the effort you have put into it

  1. Have customized flowers/edible chocolates/ bears delivered to her at her office

This can be done by calling any florist such as and have them engrave her name on any choice of gift and have them personally deliver them to her office.

This will take her off guard and have her blushing in front of all the witnesses (colleagues) at work.

  1. Romantic indoor picnic.

This is one of the more conventional ones but never gets old. Try get home before her and organize a romantic candle light picnic, on your living room floor, kitchen or outside in the garden/balcony (also dependent on weather). The aim of this is to get her out of the house so she comes home completely surprised.

Try organize a special picnic basket with her favorite finger foods and use romantic decorations, e.g. low lighting or scented candles all around the room.

  1. Use your media

Does she use social media? Twitter, Facebook? Instagram? Why not get all your mutual friends and some of her friends to update a status on your love for her and tag her in it. Maybe have them all post a picture of her and caption something about how much you love her and are thinking of her.

This is the most inexpensive but most effective way to get your message across. Imagine her logging in to 50 notifications from all her friends reminding her how much you love her? She will surely get that feeling that she is always on your mind. What station does she enjoy listening to, call in and have the DJ dedicate her favorite song to her

  1. Surprise her

How about giving her the blue carpet treatment on a very random day? Like taking her out for a romantic dinner on a weeknight that’s not date night or a special weekend. You can start by driving her to work and picking her up (if you drive separate cars to work) then surprise her with a special gift (jewelry) and then take her for a romantic dinner to a new restaurant or one you don’t usually go to.

  1. Use your kids

Do you have kids? How about having the kids re-enact your proposal to her, just to remind her where you came from and how happy you are to be stuck in the rat race with her.

This will trigger her soft side and have her crying, if you don’t live too far from where you initially proposed try go there as well, and if we not stretching it too far, try putting on the same outfit and playing the same music.

  1. Spend on her

Every woman’s dreams to have a star spa treatment, a shopping spree topped with dinner at an elegance restaurant all in one day with no care or worries.

See if you can find a place that encompasses all three, by visiting sites like, and open a tab for her. This doesn’t have to sound like mission impossible as there are many places that host all three.

  1. Make something for her

Are you creative? Can you sing? Play an instrument? How about writing her your own song, if you can’t sing have someone sing it to her at a park or her favorite live entertainment restaurant.

  1. Get her something she’s always wanted

Is there something she’s been saving for? Is there some place she’s been meaning to go to? Has she been raving about a new restaurant/hair salon/spa? How about surprising her with a voucher/ticket or even the actual thing that she wanted.

10.     Spend a weekend away.

So you both work hard and could use a break, it doesn’t have to be holiday season to just getaway. Take your wife some place nice for the weekend. It can be any B&B or Safari that you will both enjoy. Take loads of picture and most importantly have fun.