As 2015 approaches, many of us will begin to panic over what our New Year’s Resolutions are going to be. According to The Independent 18% of us vowed to become healthier and fitter in 2013, whilst a further 19% decided to give up chocolate or smoking. It seems that many of us really do want to become healthier, but it’s incredibly difficult to stick to. Studies show that the number of gym memberships that are initiated in January rises by up to 50% in most establishments, but 80% of those new members will revoke their membership by mid-February. So, perhaps it’s time we look somewhere other than the gym as a way of becoming healthier!

If you’re sick of paying unreasonable fees to attend a gym you never attend or you’re simply bored of those routines you’ve been following on TV or Youtube, then it may be time to download some fitness apps! Here are 10 fantastic apps you should try this year if you’re endeavouring to get in shape:

1. Power20

$2.99 | iOS

With a tagline like “Badass Workouts For Busy People“,  it would be hard to miss Power20 out of this list. Power20 provides multiple apps so you can choose between a beginners programme, a full-body routine, an intense 7 minute workout, Amazing Abs, Better Butt, or an On-The-Go option. The longest workout is a sturdy but quick 20 minute routine that’ll have your heart pumping in no time. Their website The Power 20 Method offer a lot of really helpful advice, health tips and a forum so you can chat with other Power20 users!

2. Seconds Pro

$4.99 | iOS

I know what you’re thinking: this app is a little costly, but based on the reviews Seconds Pro is receiving it may well be worth that extra money. Using an interval timer method, Seconds Pro creates simple, customisable circuits that you can accompany with your own playlists and music. Boasting excellent fine tuning, ‘timer wizards’ and a beautiful, clear display: this may be the app for you!

3. Tabata Trainer

$1.99 | iOS

The Tabata Method uses 8 cycles in which you perform 20 seconds of intense workout followed by 10 seconds of rest. You have the ability to remove any exercises you aren’t keen on and add only the ones you enjoy, and this workout should last just 4 minutes each time. You will also receive clear vocal feedback so you know whether you’re doing the exercise correctly. If you prefer quick, intense workouts or enjoy a game-like, competitive feel then this is certainly the workout app for you.

4. Sworkit

$0.99 | iOS & Android

With workouts based entirely around an individuals bodyweight and specific body parts, this app is perfect for anyone wanted to target certain areas. Featuring 12 pre-loaded workouts that you can customise, Sworkit offers an array of exercises including strength, cardio, yoga, stretching and pilates. It’s no surprise that this app has received wonderful reviews from many high-ranking sites such as Gizmodo, Mashable, Greatist and Lifehacker.

5. Cody

Free | iOS

Although Cody is of course a workout app, a lot of this companies focus is on community. Using Cody you can make new friends, support others and celebrate your progress amongst likeminded people. You can also download an array of bundles that cover Body & Spirit, Mobility & Flexibility, Strength Intelligence, Yoga and Freestyle to name just a few. Every workout includes on-the-go learning, support and coaches that will help you in any way possible.

6. Gain Fitness

Free | iOS

With an incredible 1,300 exercises available, there’s no wonder this personal trainer app is so popular. Gain Fitness will consider your fitness goals and create routines that will best help you achieve those goals. And the best part? It’s free!

7. Spring

Free | iOS

If you enjoy going for a run instead of working out, then this is the app for you. Did you know studies have found that perceived effort during a run can be reduced by 12% just by listening to music? This is known in the scientific community as Musical Dissociation and is the main basis for Springs development. Spring lives by the mantra “music is motivation“, and makes running fun by integrating music and adding rhythm to your run.

8. Strava

Free | iOS & Android

If cycling is more to your taste then there’s no doubt you’ll love Strava. Interact with other cyclists, challenge them to bike rides and receive/ offer support to ensure your community reaches their goals.

9. MyFitnessPal

Free | iOS, Blackberry, Windows & Android

Now of course, being healthy is not simply about how much you workout it’s also about what you eat. MyFitnessPal has an absolutely huge database that can track all the calories you digest as long as you add the information to the app. They also offer 350 exercises, a cardio and strength tracker, and hundreds of delicious, healthy recipes you can try.

10. HealthyOut

Free | iOS & Android

Perhaps the most useful app if you’re someone who enjoys eating out at restaurants, HealthyOut can tell you how much fat and how many calories are in almost every restaurant meal in over 500 cities around America. Hopefully there database will grow and reach other parts of the world soon!