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The first time I saw people doing yoga, I thought, now there’s an activity that’s completely NOT for me. But low and behold, I sure found out that I was incorrect in my assertion. In fact, as I would learn, yoga is for just about everyone who is looking to improve their health, both mentally and physically.

For me, yoga became a spiritual undertaking that radically reshaped my body and helped me reach a little more “zen.” I now look forward to jumping in my yoga class after a stressful day at work. In fact, I now really love my Whole Foods yoga mat. I’m kidding. OK, I’m not kidding, but let’s move on, please.

The first matter I’d like to discuss is the health benefits of NOT doing yoga.

Health Benefits Of Not Doing Yoga

There are none.

Ok, that was simple and easy, wasn’t it? Yoga is a health bomb, there are no two ways around it. So let’s have a look at some of the amazing ways yoga can help you lead a higher quality life.

Health Benefits Of Yoga

You will have some super flexibility. Wait, who knew? When it comes to yoga, your start might be a bit slower, but gradual progressions will definitely add in some flexibility if you keep up the hard work. Your spine will reap some nice benefits. You may be pulling your heels behind you head in no time.


You will have the posture of a sturdy oak tree. OK, I’m not even sure that’s the best comparison, but the visualization of being a strong, sturdy oak tree sounded too awesome to not throw down. Poor posture has a great many adverse effects on your health, including joint pain and muscular issues. Yoga is a dynamic reset for your posture’s health. A few months of yoga and you will be standing up straight and removing all the pressure from your body.

Improved spine health. Your spine consists of vertebrae. Those vertebrae can become problematic for your health because they can become compressed and herniate. Yoga helps to relieve that pressure. (study)

Yoga can help you fight off osteoporosis. Yoga will have you using your own body weight as a way to build strength, which in turn can help build healthier bones. Yoga can increase bone density in the vertebrae.

Yoga will really get your blood pumping. Yoga increases blood flow throughout the body. This will lead to improved circulation. This means more oxygen into your cells. All the twisting, looping like poses tend to squeeze out blood from internal organs and help them have more vitality. Yes, yoga pumps you up.


Yoga can help with draining of your lymph nodes. If water is moving smoothly throughout your body, this means you will feel lighter and be a less puffy version of yourself. No one wants to walk around with a puffy face, that’s for sure. At least I hope not.

Yoga increases the body’s heart rate, which means, you guessed it, you are burning calories and improving your heart health.

Yoga will improve your dating life. It is true! Yoga is a super social experience and people in yoga are typically health-minded folks who love meeting others with like-minded goals. You will definitely be exposed to lots of new people.

Yoga helps to regulate the functions of the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are great, particularly if you are being attacked by a vicious bear. But here’s the thing, most of the time, you aren’t being attacked by a bear, you are simply getting your hair cut. The adrenal glands, in conjunction with the stress hormone cortisol, can cause the body to feel stressed. Yoga can help to placate that stress by regulating these glands and slowing the release of stress hormones.

Yoga makes people super happy. Doing yoga will release lots and lots of dopamine. It can seriously help you push through depression! One study showed that yoga was a great antidepressant and improved the quality of a person’s life.

Yoga can help lower blood sugar. This doesn’t mean you should eat a Twix bar and then hit up yoga, but it does mean yoga can serve as a bit of additional help in the long-game. The lowering of cortisol is the science behind why it tends to lower blood sugar. (study)

Conclusion: Yoga is amazing. Yoga is for everyone. And yoga has a ton of health benefits for those who want to give it a shot. So get your pimped out yoga mat and get yourself tuned up!

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