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Nootropics are becoming more mainstream by the day. A term that once seemed a foreign sort of science is now a word that gives some people hope that they can hack their brain. The best nootropics can be a life saver for those who need them. They can help improve mood and focus and productivity.

But which are the best nootropics? It really depends on who you ask and what you are looking for.

The Best Nootropics | Why I Am A Huge Advocate

Anytime you throw around the term, “brain hack,” you can expect a great deal of apprehension from anyone in earshot. And, rightfully so. “Hacking the brain,” as many nootropics tout to be able to do, sounds like science-fiction at best; at worst, it seems risky.

Our brains are our central motherboards that aren’t to There with. But our brains, just like our hearts and our muscles, can sometimes benefit with a little grease added to their wheels. The best nootropics really are just that, a little extra grease thrown into the wheels.

So What Are Nootropics?


Nootropics is a general term for a brain enhancing supplement. This could range from old school and risky supplements such as ephedrine to newer, more pure amino acids such as L-Theanine.

Because the genre that is nootropics is so undefined and expansive, it allows for a lot of brain supplement scams to turn people off from otherwise great additions to their lives. If you take a brain supplement and feel as though you are racing a car at the Daytona 500, you probably just took a speedy boost that’s aimed at increasing your heart rate as a way to get more productivity out of your brain. While a little “pep” isn’t bad (caffeine in moderate doses is great), a brain supplement that’s a full on “speed” experience is unhealthy. And in the end, it’s a bit of a fraud.

Real, legit nootropic supplements use more natural solutions in blends to create a brain enhancing experience.

The best nootropics are able to help balance out neurotransmitters and help open lines of communications between neurons. They can also help increase dopamine and serotonin supplies, which will inevitably help give you a calm, healthy focus. Additionally, they won’t make you excessively “speedy.” In other words, the best nootropics out there shouldn’t cause you to feel as though your heart is jumping out of your chest. Drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and even methamphetamine have been used as nootropics for years. Because of this, people have grown to fear nootropics. But these are bad examples of an otherwise good solution. You don’t have to take Ritalin to get amazing brain enhancement effects.

Best Nootropic Recommendations

I’ve reviewed a lot of nootropics on Health Today. I truly believe that nootropic supplements can be a complete game changer for someone who may struggle with focus and memory. My concentration is levels beyond what I ever expected it could be. Below is a list of a few that I really love. I linked to their nootropic reviews (not the actual products). You can check them out and learn more about them.  You can also find a lot of the best nootropics by clicking the link.

Some of these may or may not be available at your local store.

Alpha Brain Review: In short, this is my favorite nootropic and that’s not because Joe Rogan is swinging a kettlebell on the front of the bottle. For clarification, I love Joe Rogan, but I often find myself leery of products that seem built on celebrity endorsements. It often makes me feel as though something is lacking in the product and the celebrity endorsement helps conceal the inadequacy.

This is not the case with Alpha Brain, it is a legitimate nootropic supplement that rivals any. There is a solid mix of L-Theanine and vitamin B6 in the ingredients which are scientifically proven to enhance your cognitive skills.

Mind Lab Pro Review: At 150 mg of Bacopa Monnieri, the memory enhancement science is definitely on the side of Mind Lab Pro’s manufacturer. Mind Lap Pro is certainly a strong contender for best nootropic supplement.

Addy Focus Review: The staple ingredient in Addy Focus is Whole Green Coffee Powder. There are a handful of studies that show Whole Green Coffee Powder can serve up some amazing cognitive enhancements.

OptiMind Pro Review: This is what elite thinkers take. An avid protector of neurotransmitters that help you memorize and focus, you really can’t go wrong here.

Adderin Review: I rank it higher than most other Adderin reviews, that’s because the ingredients are solid.

When To Take a Nootropic

Because I’m such a fanatic about the power of nootropics, I get a lot of questions. One of my biggest questions is “when should I take a nootropic supplement?” The honest answer is, “that’s complicated.” No, I’m not going to cop out on anyone. I’m just going to break down why that’s a complicated question to answer.

What do you need to focus on?

For me, I write a lot of articles for the web. I tend to take my nootropic with a little coffee just before I begin my work. And it’s perfect. I get hours of amazing productivity. I tend to not take them unless I have something to focus on. I don’t need to waste my nootropic going grocery shopping. Additionally, nootropics can often lead you into a hyper-focus and while that’s good if you are writing an article or putting together a piece of furniture or playing basketball, it isn’t so good when you are walking around a grocery store. Sometimes my brain is better off not hyper focused. Because hyperfocus can also mean you get a little too locked into things.

Again, it is a personal experience, but for me, the power of a nootropic is best suited for times I know that I need to focus. I’d suggest trying one while you work and see how it makes you feel and then gauging whether or not you want to feel that way doing daily task that are unrelated to productivity.

Nootropic Side Effects

You should always check with your doctor before deciding to go down the nootropic road. For me personally, the only side effect has been hyper-focus (which I love so long as I’m working on something which requires extreme focus). I know that some lesser nootropics which rely on speedy effects can inevitably make people feel anxious. It has been years since I’ve taken one of those, however. I stick to the best nootropics and that means I really never have an issue.

The best nootropics can change your life. Sticking to natural, proven ingredients can eliminate risks associated with hardcore nootropics such as Ritalin and the others. But reading nootropic reviews matters. Understanding nootropic ingredients matters. Don’t let a coworker talk you into taking something you’ve never heard of, do the research. Read my nootropic supplement reviews. Educate yourself on the matter.


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