TestoTEK Testosterone Booster Review

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TestoTEK Review | Testosterone Booster Supplement

Welcome to another Health Today Testosterone Booster review.

You’re tired. Your wife or girlfriend is complaining that your sex drive is low (she may also be complaining that you haven’t washed your jeans in weeks, but I’m not sure any testosterone booster supplement can fix that). You feel unmotivated and apathetic to your surroundings. There are lots of reasons why these things could be occurring in your life, but one of the most popular reasons is that you might have what’s known as Low-T, or, Low Testosterone.

In today’s TestoTEK review, we look closer at why using a natural testosterone product far out-performs the pharmaceutical concoctions. We deeply examine TestoTEK ingredients, the company who makes the testosterone booster supplement, and TestoTEK benefits.

I review a lot of testosterone boosters. I’d say this has been one of the better low-T treatment solutions I’ve reviewed. If you are someone who has given up on pharmaceutical concoctions and are tired of being told to eat more oysters, this TestoTEK review might be the most exciting thing you’ve experienced since yoga pants became routine fashion attire for going to get coffee or paper towels.

Why TestoTEK Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplement?

Pharmaceutical company testosterone replacement commercials are unsettling, which on the surface just seems like the consequences of horrific writing and terrible acting. But what is more unsettling is how pharma achieves this so called, “testosterone replacement.” If you were concerned with the scripts, you should see how pharma “replaces” testosterone.

Pharma replaces testosterone using synthetic versions of testosterone. The body will often reject synthetic, imitation and foreign substances in the body. That’s the body’s natural defense against foreign invaders. Using online lingo, this is the body’s natural way of swiping left. This is why often, when someone has ACL surgery (knee replacement surgery), surgeons opt to use a piece from the hamstring as the replacement, as opposed to something built in a lab. They don’t want the body to reject the new ligament and cause the person with the replacement knee to have to undergo another surgery.

In our TestoTEK review, you will learn that natural testosterone boosters stimulate your body’s naturally occurring testosterone.

TestoTEK uses a series of research backed ingredients which have been proven individually to help stimulate the body’s naturally occurring free testosterone. In other words, the body doesn’t have to “defend” itself from foreign invaders.

Low-T Symptoms | TestoTEK Testosterone Booster Supplement Review

According to ABC News, 1 in 4 men experiences low testosterone.  Symptoms of low-T, or low testosterone, can often be confused with symptoms of other conditions. It is important to discuss these symptoms with your Doctor.

Low-T usually begins to occur in men ages 30 and up. And once the testosterone begins to decline, it is very difficult to stop. If you have low-T symptoms, you likely experience the following:

  1. You have extra belly fat
  2. You feel sluggish and tired for what seems like no reason
  3. You have difficulty maintaining an erection
  4. You feel less sexual, have low libido
  5. You find it difficult to focus on tasks
  6. No matter how much you work out, you can’t seem to gain muscle

Not producing the proper amount of testosterone can cause the above symptoms to occur. As mentioned above, 25% of men deal with these symptoms every day. When you use a supplement like TestoTEK, natural ingredients help stimulate your body’s naturally occurring free testosterone. When your testosterone begins to get back to healthy levels, these symptoms are likely to dissipate largely.

TestoTEK Benefits – As Per Manufacturer

The manufacturer of TestoTEK, TEK Naturals, makes some rather bold claims about their products effectiveness when it comes to treating low testosterone. Here are a list of the TestoTEK benefits.

  • Allows body to build lean muscle more efficiently
  • Improved energy
  • Enhanced stamina, particularly in concern with libido and sex drive
  • Helps stimulate improved strength and athletic ability
  • Increased levels of focus

If none of this sounds good to you, then definitely don’t take TestoTEK. And maybe reassess what happiness means to you. Like maybe you are the type of person who enjoys long walks in dark Romanian alleys with vampires. Not sure. But maybe get that figured out.

Try TestoTEK, Click Here to visit www.TestoTEK.com

TestoTEK Ingredients | TestoTEK Review

Ingredients for any product is essential to disclose. If the manufacturer fails to disclose ingredients or list the ingredient amounts as proprietary, then I’d suggest you avoid the testosterone supplement. I don’t even buy orange juice without making sure that the ingredients are JUST FRESHLY SQUEEZED ORANGES, so I am certainly not going to waste my money and risk my health on a testosterone booster that only trusts me with a little bit of the label information.

TestoTEK Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid – The dosing amount here is 2000mg. Regarding testosterone boosting, D-Aspartic Acid is considered an essential testosterone booster ingredient.

Tribulus Terrestris – The dosing amount is 250mg. Tribulus Terrestris is considered an essential item in testosterone boosting, but advocates of the Asian root claim its effects to be a bit diluted when taken alone.

Mucana Pruriens – The dosing amount is 100mg. Mucana Pruriens is a type of Velvet Bean Seed. This seed is somewhat new to the scene regarding testosterone boosting ingredients. Mucana Pruriens works by limiting female hormones that disrupt the male body’s free testosterone production.

Stinging Nettle – The dosing amount is 100mg. Stinging Nettle root has long been known as a cure for seasonal allergies, such as hayfever, but it is also strongly linked to enhancing testosterone production. It works by shutting down something known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This hormone disrupts testosterone production.

Fenugreek – The dosing amount is 75mg. Fenugreek is considered an essential testosterone boosting ingredient. Fenugreek increases androgens, which are linked to the creation of new testosterone.

Zinc – The dosing amount is 25mg. A testosterone booster that leaves out zinc is no testosterone booster at all. Zinc is essential and should always be present in testosterone booster ingredients.

Vitamin K – Vitamin K2 is important for cardiovascular heart health and its role in strengthening bones. It also can help reduce prostate as much as 30%. Recently discovered is vitamin K2’s potential ability to increase testosterone. There have been some very promising results from a recent Japanese case study that has shown menaquinone (its medical name) to dramatically increase testosterone in lab test.

Siberian Ginseng – The dosing amount is 50mg. Ginseng, as a supplement, even individually, is incredible. Ginseng benefits are endless. Regarding supporting increased testosterone, oddly, there isn’t much in the way of studies. Ginseng helps produce nitric oxide. This leads to increased oxygen flow in the blood. This means better erection performance.

Manufacturer Details – TEK Naturals

TEK Naturals has solid reviews online. They have no issues with the Better Business Bureau. They’ve never participated in unsavory business practices, at least that we could find.

TestoTEK Value

You can purchase TestoTEK directly on TEKNaturals.com. It cost $69. That comes out to about $2.30 per serving. If you buy larger package deals, you get more value. If you add up all the ingredients present in TestoTEK, buying them individually would cost you at least five times the price.

What Do We Say?

I say this stuff is great. TestoTEK contains only natural ingredients, all of which are disclosed by the manufacturer and proven to increase testosterone production.

Try TestoTEK, Click Here to visit www.TestoTEK.com

TestoTEK Testosterone Booster Review

Our TestoTEK review takes an inside look at one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market. Like many other TestoTEK reviews, we found this product to be...
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