Testogen Review

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Testogen Review | The Natural Testosterone Booster

testogen reviewLow testosterone is a plague for men over the age of 30. It is also a highly profitable venture for pharmaceutical companies. Normal testosterone levels in men is 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Many men begin to show a decline in their testosterone levels after the age of 30. In today’s Testogen review, we find a testosterone booster that’s all natural and top of the line. It isn’t a pharma’ synthesized hormone version, so you don’t have any risks involving growing a sixth finger. Because what good is boosting your testosterone going to do you if you have two thumbs?

My Testogen review will look  at what low-T, or low testosterone, is and what types of solutions are offered. Testosterone boosting is a big industry and it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure it all out, particularly if you are new to testo boosters. Testogen is a part of the all natural ingredient testosterone boosters. These type of testosterone boosters have become extremely popular due to low side-effects and their effectiveness and stimulating the body’s naturally occurring testosterone production. Testogen isn’t the only option when it comes to natural testosterone boosters, but it is a really effective one.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

The issue with low testosterone symptoms is that they can often mimic symptoms of other ailments. You can have your testosterone levels tested by your doctor to get a better idea on if low testosterone is causing your symptoms. Assumptions are never a good idea. Remember the whole “earth is flat thing?” Yeah, that was an assumption and we all know how that worked out.

  • Less desire for sex
  • Lower frequency of erections
  • Impotence
  • Fertility issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Feelings of depression, fatigue
  • Weight gain (fat)

Any of these symptoms occurring, even in an isolated fashion, could be detrimental to your happiness. If Low-T is the cause and you search the internet for solutions, you will be inundated with “solutions.” But buyer beware, most of the pharmaceutical solutions you will be presented with are synthetic versions of testosterone.

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Pharma’s Synthetic Testosterone

Pharmaceutical companies are on the prowl for men who suffer from low-T. They offer patches and injections which they market as “testosterone replacement.” The problem is that pharma’s solution is a synthetic version of testosterone. Your body may view this artificial testosterone as a foreign invader. Side effects include a deeper voice, acne on the body, pain typically surrounding the point of injection, disruptions to sleep patterns and breast pain. Many of these side effects are exactly the ailments you’re attempting to fix by going down this journey, so it makes no sense to make them worse by pumping your body full of synthetic laboratory chemicals.

Natural Testosterone Solutions

The fact is, nature is a powerful healer that we all too often overlook. If you do the research, you can find ingredients that help naturally stimulate the body’s testosterone production. And this testosterone boostermeans nothing artificial. This means 5 good fingers and no more. Why are natural testosterone booster supplements so sought after? Well, natural testosterone boosters are actually quite simple: they combine scientifically proven testosterone boosting ingredients for you. In other words, yes, you could go to a nutrition store and buy 8 bottles of this and that, and spend way more money than needed and research every brand to its fullest extent to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off, or, you could take one proven testosterone booster that has everything you need and more and save money.

Testogen testosterone booster is one of the best natural testosterone boosting ingredient combinations we’ve ever reviewed. It is slotted at our second best to TestoTEK, but it could easily be #1. It sits at number 2 because it cost a bit more than TestoTEK and TestoTEK have more ingredients. But both products are superior accomplishments in the world of natural testosterone boosting.

Testogen Review | Testogen Ingredients

My testogen review will take a closer examination into the ingredients. Ingredients and ingredient combinations matter when it comes to testosterone boosting.

D-Aspartic Acid: This ingredient will regular the ways which amino acids work in the body. This is one of the most essential testosterone boosting ingredients. One study showed that D-Aspartic Acid increased testosterone in sedentary men. This is a key component to any worthwhile testosterone booster supplement.

Tribulus Terrestis: Considered a great anti-inflammatory ingredient, it is also highly linked to increased testosterone in men. It has been touted for virility for centuries.

Ginseng Extract: You have probably heard of Ginseng before, maybe you have even taken it? I take Ginseng daily with my TestoTEK. It has a solid reputation for increasing testosterone and many added benefits beyond.

Fenugreek: Boosting your libido is only part of what this powerful testosterone boosting ingredient can do. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Selenium: A powerful antioxidant known for detoxification abilities. If your liver and other organs are clouded with foreign chemicals, your body is going to have a difficult time producing testosterone.

Zinc: Another one you have probably heard of. Zinc is often marketed in something called ZMA. In combination with the other ingredients you are getting with Testogen, it serves as a major enhancement which by helping the body produce more sperm.

Vitamin D, Cholecalciferol: This combination helps lower estrogen production in the body.

testogen review

Costs | Value of Testogen

You have to purchase Testogen through the product’s website. I haven’t seen it available in storefronts. Below are the rough prices. I don’t want to put exact numbers because this manufacturer often has specials going on, plus, depending on the day, the price could be different. Whenever I see differences appear from any manufacturer, I do go back and update but I don’t check these places daily.

1-month, 120 capsule supply: $53.

3-month, 360 capsule supply: $122

5-month, 720 capsules supply: $180

What’s Good?

  • This product can help you lower blood pressure as an added benefit.
  • By using Testogen, you avoid putting risky artificial versions of testosterone into your body. You are able to vastly lower risks of side effects.
  • By increasing testosterone, you help bring a sense of balance to your life. More focus means more productivity. Improved sleep can have a range of positive effects in your life.
    The value is solid, though this isn’t considered the top value testosterone booster.

What’s Bad?

  • You have to buy the product on their website. I do most of my ordering online, but honestly, I do enjoy occasionally being able to pick something up at my local store.
  • Anytime you boost testosterone, you might experience mood fluctuations.

Final Word on my Testogen Review

Testogen is as legit as any testosterone booster out there. Yes, I prefer TestoTEK, but don’t let that persuade you to not give Testogen a fair chance. Many men experience vast life improvements after taking this testosterone booster.

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Testogen Review

Testosterone boosters can be a confusing business. Fortunately, we've found Testogen testosterone booster to be one of the most reliable and effective testosterone boosters on the market.
Top Rated Testosterone Booster
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