Sex. Most of us love it. Some of us consider it a sin. Others of us consider it a primal need. And most of us consider it super complicated. The fact is, sex is requires two people (who knew this!). And anytime two people are involved in anything together, things can get complicated. It seems like our society is constantly condemning sex as an act, or we are feeling guilty over having sex for one reason or another. But did you know that there are surprising health benefits of sex? Yes, sex isn’t all that bad. In fact, it can be really good for you!

So maybe it is time to finally stop feeling ashamed?


Sex is not just about physical intimacy and enjoyment but it’s also good for you — mentally and physically. Numerous investigative studies have discovered an adoring relationship, physical touch and active sex can bring several medical advantages, for example, lower blood pressure. Actually, anything that exercises your heart is viewed as good, including sex (unless your heart is not healthy enough for sex, as the commercial side effects read). So, it only makes sense that the benefits of sex are stimulated by the acto of having more sex. AI haven’t heard news this good since I was told that chocolate and wine were good for me.

Keep going, please!

The Benefits of Sex

You like that fancy title? Well, you are going to like what you are reading below even more.

  1. Sex improves your fitness

Correct, sex is considered an exercise. Yes, having sex means you are working out. So before choosing that boring treadmill, consider the following: A 2010 study published in The American Journal of Cardiology stated that sexual action is equivalent to an unobtrusive workout on a treadmill. It keeps your body fit and can burn 85 to 250 calories, contingent upon the length and energy of the period. Not only this but it also helpful for your back, butt and thigh muscles. Sex can likewise help shape your abs and makes you physically fit and prepared for the day.

Many people are swinging kettlebells so they can look sexier and potentially have more sex. Ah, but the entire time they could have been having more sex to look better and hopefully attract more companions? This rabbit hole is too deep for me. I feel like I’m in the Matrix.

  1. Sex reduces anxiety

Feeling depressed? Before you turn to meditation, you might consider the benefits of sex. According to a study directed by the University of the West of Scotland; Individuals who engage in sexual relations at least once every two weeks are better ready to oversee unpleasant circumstances in life, for example, pubic speaking. The study clarifies that during sex endorphins and oxytocin (hormones) are discharged and these hormones actuate joy centers in the mind that make sentiments of confidence and relaxation, which help fight off anxiety and unhappiness.

So yes, sex is a sort of physical Prozac.

  1. Sex improves sleep

Many couples have recognized that after an orgasm they fall into a deep, peaceful sleep (so maybe this point is obvious). The reason behind this is the same endorphins that prepare you for deep slumber by relaxing your body. Cindy M. Meston, Ph.D., director of the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas clarifies an alternate hormone called prolactin is also released with endorphins during orgasm. “Prolactin levels are commonly higher when we rest, which proposes a solid relationship between the two,” she says.

  1. Sex combats bad skin

As unrealistic as it may sound, a solid sex life can really help battle pimples and in general, bad skin. Skin inflammation is frequently an advent of an inner hormonal imbalance, particularly the imbalance of sex hormones progesterone, estrogen androgens. Engaging in sexual relations wipes out poisons and equivalence your hormone levels, which keep your skin clearer. Sex additionally enhances blood flow in the body and serves to transport oxygen to your skin, which can likewise help give you a healthy glowing, smooth skin. You truly are helping your skin to stay sound and pimple inflammation free when you have regular sex.

  1. Sex keeps you safe from cold and flu

A Pennsylvania study found that people who have sex once or twice a week possess larger amounts of Immunoglobulin (LGA) in their bodies. LGA is a sickness and disease battling augment that helps fight off diseases like cold and flu. This compound was around 30% higher in members who had intercourse at any rate once a week than the individuals who did not engage in sexual relations at all. Amusingly, Iga level was found very low in individuals who engaged in sexual relations more than twice a week. More research is required before conclusions on week after week sex can be made, however experts coincide there is a connection between your immune system and repetition of sex. Attempt week by week sex to lift your immune system, battle infection and keep your body healthy.

This article should be spread far and wide. The benefits of sex are a real deal. Sex is now the sin that wins, it seems. So tonight when you get home from that long, stressful day at the gym, tell your significant other what you’ve learned today. Maybe skip the boring gym or yoga session.