Kylea Total Living Drink Berry Review

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Kylea Total Living Drink Berry Review | Rev Your Berry Engines, This Stuff Is Power Packed

Berries are some of the most powerful superfoods on our planet. When you infuse your diet with berries, you tell your body, “my friend, I want to be super healthy and happy.” Consuming berries makes you a wise and consummate pursuer of improved health and vitality. When you say things to yourself without eating berries, it makes you schizophrenic and I’d encourage you go have a sit down with your doctor. Today, my Kylea Total Living Drink Berry review will expose a deep dark secret in the underbelly world of berry consumption: It’s super easy to get your berry health fix on the daily.

Another component of my Kylea Total Living Drink Berry review will be to assess the manufacturer, Kylea, as well as the claimed value of the product. As with any review, I ordered the product from Kylea (I paid for it because I don’t want to be influenced by them, additionally, I like to go through the purchase process and review that).

Kylea Total Living Drink Berry Review | The Manufacturer

WARNING: This product is often sold out. Either it sells super fast (most likely) or these Kylea guys are slow berry pickers (maybe). So don’t hate me if you read all this and try to order and you get that “we are currently sold out message.” As of today 3-30-2017, they had stock. I don’t want you to feel like you waited in line for Run DMC tickets and got screwed in the end and then hate me….

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Kylea is best known for being the man behind the curtain as the makers of a well-received and popular green superfood drink, Kylea Total Living Drink Greens. That product is our highest rated green superfood drink.

Kylea as a company is reputable. Their support phone number and email address are both listed on the front of the site. I called the number, a nice girl answered my fake questions. I told her I could see her from afar and only then did she hang up. That’s a joke. But the experience was easy. Without a real question, all I can review is “did they answer?” They did. That’s good in my book. I didn’t test the support email, but let’s be honest, if they answer their customer support number, I am sure they respond to emails.

They have a 30-day return policy. You simply call them within 30-days to enact this process. That’s a fair, standard return policy. This really means that you can return it if you feel it taste bad (it doesn’t, or it shouldn’t) or you just hate the looks of the bottle. Weight loss and health initiatives take well more than 30-days to discover.

Kylea Total Living Drink Berry Ingredients | What’s The Magic Potion?


For starters, this drink, much like their green superfood drink, is all natural. Not sure how often you read superfood drink labels, but I assure you, that’s not always to be assumed. In fact, often times, manufacturers use additives and preservatives to both flavor the drink and to extend the shelf life beyond reasonable time frames. This increases their profits. Be careful what you snag off that CVS health section shelf.

The ingredients are made with organic sources. My Kylea Total Living Drink Berry review found that this superfood powder has only the highest quality ingredients in play.

Vegetable and Fruit Formula

Kylea Total Living Drink Berry has fruit in it. Shut the front door! Who would have thought? Seriously, you’d be surprised how often superfood drinks don’t have a lot of superfoods. In the case of Total Living Drink Berry, it’s sincerely loaded. Alfalfa juice, Fenugreek, Spirulina, Barley juice, Broccoli juice, Apple juice, Wheatgrass, Pineapple, Chlorella, Bitter melon. That’s a powerhouse lineup right there.

Antioxidant Formula

Antioxidants are our protection against free radical cell damage. There are lots of studies which show that antioxidants fight cancer. Having this formula in their drink really pumps up the product’s value.

It also has an amino acid formula and tons of nutrient density. Check out the label for more information.

kylea total living berry review

Kylea Total Living Drink Berry Taste

This stuff taste like the moment Tattoo is waving your plane down to Fantasy Island. Come on, it’s a health drink, not fried Twinkies on a stick you picked up at the fair. That being said, it does taste pretty good. The fruit really sweetens out the earthy tasting items. I like it. You probably will also. If you hate it, call that nice girl up and return it. Just don’t tell her you can see her because then you are probably going to be stuck with it.

What’s Good?

  • It’s organic, so you won’t end up growing a third ear
  • Taste pretty good
  • Reputable company that won’t scam you
  • Loaded with nutrient density
  • Great for digestion
  • Antioxidants, Probiotics, really add to value
  • Immune system booster

What’s Bad?

I don’t see much downside here. Maybe you’d prefer one of the top green superfood drink reviews instead? Otherwise, Total Living Drink Berry is legit.

What Say I?

There isn’t much to lose in ordering this product. Its a health bomb. The return policy is great if you don’t like it. It is cheaper to buy this than it is to buy all these fruits, vegetables, vitamins and probiotics from the store for daily use. It makes sense.

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Kylea Total Living Drink Berry Review

This is an exceptional product made by a first-rate company known for their customer service. This drink features all natural products and tastes wonderful. You really can't go wrong with this superfood drink powder.
Super Legit
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