Geniux Review

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geniux review“Check out the big brain on Brad.” That’s one of my favorite movie quotes of all time, courtesy of Jules from the movie Pulp Fiction. Jules was being sadistic, of course, but every time I hear that line I can’t help but think about how amazing my brain can be. The brain is our most essential organ. Without it, we can’t buy things online or watch Netflix. We need our hearts, also, of course for pumping blood to the brain. And we need our liver for detoxification purposes. Ok, point taken, but our brains are pretty darn important and counter to Jules’ logic, the bigger the brain doesn’t mean the more intelligent the person. My Geniux review will show you how taking a nootropic brain supplement can help you get a “bigger brain.”

Nootropics have long been all the rage, but this Geniux review will put on a display a brain supplement which doesn’t use speedy, artificial substances to achieve its results. Instead, Geniux uses a series of natural, and sometimes, essential, brain supplement ingredients to achieve fantastic results.

I love this stuff. It works. It’s a legit product. But yes, there are others out there that might be a little better, such as you might find in my Lumonol review or my Alpha Brain review. In the end, however, you can’t go wrong with Geniux brain supplement.

Geniux Review | Why Take a Brain Supplement?

Because you want a faster, sharper brain that can help you work faster and dominate Jeopardy? Look, we live in a world that has compromised our brain’s ability to focus and concentrate. We also are aging, which means our memories are being shoveled away at by the grim reaper’s preparedness unit. I’ve been taking nootropics since the mid-90’s and I can tell you that there has never been a better wave of nootropic brain supplement production. Back 20 years ago, a nootropic was speedy and made you feel as if your heart was going to jump from your chest (you were able to read things faster, though). Today’s nootropics, as my Geniux review sets out to show, aren’t produces using artificial versions of speed. Instead, Geniux ingredients are natural and supplement the brain’s healthy needs.

Are Nootropics Legal?

geniux reviewThere are several speedy “nootropics” which are banned by countries, including the United States. And some of the legal ones, such as Geniux, have been frowned upon by Universities because students feel that other students who take products like Geniux are cheating. Nootropics, to some, are the equivalent of steroids in sports. They see them as an unfair advantage.

If your moral compass translates to you not enjoying an unfair advantage, then you should stop reading right now. Nootropics are an unfair advantage. So those of you who wish to get super unfair, keep reading.

Geniux Ingredients

What’s inside Geniux is what matters. Geniux ingredients are natural and considered safe. But hey, check with your doctor before taking because checking with the doc is always a good idea.

Alpha GPC: Alpha GPC contains choline at high doses. It has been shown to help slow cognitive impairment for elderly people and has been shown to be effective for improving symptoms for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. It also provides the brain with Acetylcholine, an essential neurotransmitter.

Huperzine A: Huperzine A is known to stop Acetylcholinesterase enzymes from disrupting Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a key component to improving brain function. Making sure you keep it unharmed is essential to brain health. It has been shown in one study to improve cognitive performance in those with Alzheimer’s.

Vinpocetine: To get vinpocetine, you must first extract it from periwinkle plant seeds. Well, you don’t have to do that if you intend to buy Geniux, but you get the point. It has been shown to improve cognitive brain functionality. Vinpocetine improves the brain’s cerebral efficiency in using oxygen. Because of this, it can help improve your memory. Here’s a study that proves it.

Bacopa Monnieri: Found in the wetlands of India, Asia and Africa, this ayurvedic herb has been shown to improve your brain’s health by reducing anxiety. It is also an adaptogen, which means that it can help the body live stronger. This study shows that bacopa monnieri provides enhancement to the memory function in those who are aging (um, we are all aging, in case you didn’t realize that).

GABA: GABA’s function is to control our fear and our anxiety. It helps to keep us calm. A calm brain is an optimal brain. It is one of your brain’s essential neurotransmitters. Some people refer to GABA as nature’s version of valium.

L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine improves the brain’s memory function in multitasking scenarios. An optimal brain is a brain that allows you to work on a great variety of items, all at one time. Life doesn’t happen conveniently, it throws a bunch of crap at you all at once. L-Tyrosine helps you negotiate it all and come out on the other side productive.

Geniux Review Conclusion

Yeah, I’ve taken it and I like it. I really like the fact that it leaves out caffeine, making it a solid option on days I don’t want any caffeine. If you combine all of Geniux’s ingredients and price them out individually, you most definitely are getting a solid deal. That’s why supplements such as Geniux are so good, they cut out buying 9 or 10 different individual supplements and figuring out the doses.

Geniux Review

My Geniux review is a cold hard look at one of the more popular nootropics to hit the market in years. But how good is it really? Does it live up to claims? I'd say most, it does.
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