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  1. I find it most disturbing that your company does NOT provide a phone number to call. Each month, I have had $87.47 taken out of my account and have made numerous attempt to contact your company to cancel these orders. Finally, today, through a very helpful bank manager, was I able to even get ANY contact information for this company – Health Today.

  2. what is the phone number, i have a similar issue.

  3. The phone number is 800-781-1421 – but they are no help at all!!

  4. Please, be aware of this company! I have just called my bank and I am gonna open a dispute, I have had U$93.88 (C$128.03) billed on my Master Card without my permission. I tried to called the number and it is currently closed because of holidays. I DON’T recognize the charge, and I will be opening a dispute in case I don’t get a refund.

  5. I have had a similar experience. I had US $ 101.00 (C$129.28) billed on my Visa card without my permission. I called the number and was told that they were not accepting any calls. I will be disputing this charge with the assistance of the dispute center of CIBC.

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