• 7 Ways to Sleep Better You May Not Have Considered

    Sleep is almost absurdly important. Ask a doctor what single thing you can do to improve your health and well-being and sleep will be right up there with exercise in their grab-bag of recommendations. For that reason, it is in your interest to do everything you can to get a better night’s sleep. Proper rest […]
  • Paleo “Caveman” Diet

    Females and males, alike, are participating in CrossFit, an exercise that focuses on creating a competitive nature among its participants, through aerobic, body weight and Olympic weightlifting exercises. In order to succeed in perfecting the ideal physique, participants are told to follow a strict Paleolithic, or “caveman ” diet. The Paleolithic diet (often referred to […]
  • 6 Scientific Reasons Mindfulness Meditation Will Transform Your Life

    The word ‘meditation’ often elicits aversive reactions in the minds of the non-spiritual. To them, the word conjures up images of praying monks in brightly coloured robes and hippies smoking marijuana rambling about enlightenment. The act of mindfulness meditation, however, has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. I’m a skeptic and an atheist and […]
  • Why You Should Choose a Gluten-Free Diet.

    You have all seen it. Too many people joining the Gluten-Free bandwagon. What is the deal? And, more importantly, is it good for you? Gluten is the “protein” that allows breaded products the “elasticity to stick together.” However, you do not need to suffer from Celiac Disease, or even have a gluten allergy, to reap […]
  • A Unique Perspective On Losing Weight

    You’re probably thinking right now that you’ve heard it all when it comes to the subject of losing weight. I don’t want to suggest that I have all of the answers, or that I am going to recount to you a method of losing weight that is entirely unique, but I do think that my […]
  • 6 Ways to Use Your Home to Promote Activity

    Inertia is a powerful thing. It is the tendency for an object that isn’t moving to resist movement and it is the number one risk factor for inactivity creeping into your lifestyle. The more comfortable you feel curled up on the couch in pajamas and a with a bowl of popcorn the less likely you […]
  • The 5 Whys of Daily Compliments

    It’s Monday morning — or any time of any day for that matter —and you find yourself feeling a little off center, a little blue or just plain “salty.” You try positively affirming your way out of that bad mood, but the best you can do is mumble a near-profanity through clenched teeth at the […]
  • The Case for Mountains: High Altitude Health Benefits

    Though it is generally agreed that mountains are one of nature’s most impressive and beautiful landscape types, they often get bad press when it comes to health. Sure mountains may offer a place for us to get outside and work up a sweat but if you go too high too fast you are in for […]
  • Four Easy, Homemade Facial Masks.

    Most people love the Fall/Winter months, because it is a good time to wear cute sweaters (that is why we call it “sweater weather”). But you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression, so why waste your outfit when your face is blotchy and flaky? Truth is, the extreme temperature contrast between […]
  • The 6 Most Common Vitamin Deficiencies And How To Correct Them

    The vitamin and supplement industry turns over billions of dollars each year. Some are claimed to alleviate minor symptoms like achy joints, others are promoted as life-extenders or cancer curers. Even sensible people who want to avoid basic deficients often take multivitamins. The problems with multivitamins, however, are fourfold: Foods are already fortified with vitamins. Taking a […]
  • The Silent Inflammation

    Astaxanthin is thought to be the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. This carotenoid antioxidant is produced only by microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis when its water supply dries up, forcing it to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation. Astaxanthin is the “force feild” that protects the algae from lack of nutrition and intense sunlight. Humans can get […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 4 Years ago
  • 5 Reasons to Have a Hobby You Enjoy

    Hobbies are what keep me sane. This is absolutely the truth. For me, it’s watching basketball. I love watching games, and it’s a great way to keep my mind off of whatever is going on in my life for a couple of hours. I also often read novels before I go to bed and on the […]
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