• The 6 Most Common Vitamin Deficiencies And How To Correct Them

    The vitamin and supplement industry turns over billions of dollars each year. Some are claimed to alleviate minor symptoms like achy joints, others are promoted as life-extenders or cancer curers. Even sensible people who want to avoid basic deficients often take multivitamins. The problems with multivitamins, however, are fourfold: Foods are already fortified with vitamins. Taking a […]
  • Stop Drinking Soda: 5 Reasons to Put Pop in the Past

    Plenty of people enjoy drinking carbonated beverages, but they’re truly very bad for you (yes, even diet sodas!). Between carbonation, chemical-y ingredients, and addictive qualities, it’s hard to choose what’s worst about sodas. Luckily, we don’t have to pick just one. 1. They’re habit-forming. Sodas often have high-fructose corn syrup, sugar and caffeine, among other […]
  • The Silent Inflammation

    Astaxanthin is thought to be the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. This carotenoid antioxidant is produced only by microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis when its water supply dries up, forcing it to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation. Astaxanthin is the “force feild” that protects the algae from lack of nutrition and intense sunlight. Humans can get […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 4 Years ago
  • How to Make Your “Turkey Day” Vegan.

    The holiday season can put quite the damper on your resolution to live a healthy lifestyle. But fear not… With these helpful tips and substitutes, Thanksgiving and veganism can go hand in hand! Brussels Sprouts These misunderstood vegetables bring about a look of utter disgust from your guests, but pair them with a delicious wine […]
  • Health Benefits of Mastic

    What is Mastic? Mastic is a sticky substance extracted from the branches and trunk of the mastic tree (Pistaccia lentiscusvar. chia), which grows in the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, most notably the Greek Island of Chios. Mastic gum has been used as an herbal remedy for thousands of years. Below are some health benefits […]
  • 5 Vitamins and Minerals You Need for Energy

    In our too-busy world, there’s a lot of other recommendations one should take on how to increase energy levels — sleep more, for one. But there is a very real possibility that your energy slump is caused or exacerbated by a lack of vitamins and other nutrients which facilitate energy production in the body. Due […]
    • by Jane Scearce
    • 4 Years ago
  • Deadly Fat NOT Mentioned on the Nutrition Facts Label

    Essential Fats Fats are part of a healthy diet, and certain fats (Essential Fatty Acids) need to be consumed from the food you eat in order to maintain a healthy human being. These are often referred to as ‘good’ fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated). You find these fats in: cold water fish (trout, tuna, salmon) nuts […]
    • by R.J. Stabile
    • 4 Years ago
  • The Amazing Benefits of Ginger

    Ginger has been used in China for over 2,000 years to help with nausea, upset stomach, digestion, diarrhea and an assortment of other ailments. Ginger was once so sought after that a pound of ginger root was once worth an entire sheep! It’s a spicy, pungent, and aromatic root that adds a special flavor to […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 4 Years ago
  • 8 Delicious Protein Shake Recipes

    Protein shakes are pretty awesome. There’s nothing like a finishing a hard workout at the gym and getting your fix. Any frequent gym goer or health fanatic can appreciate the protein shake obsession. And although they are delicious, wouldn’t it be nice to try something new and add a bit of originality to our standard protein shake? […]
  • “Sick? . . . Again?” 11 Ways to Keep Your Child In School and Out of Bed

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” — Benjamin Franklin Are you caught off guard by your child’s illnesses, worried about your child’s health, and frustrated with the disruption to your life and work?  You can take back control!  Take a look at these 10 ways to keep your child healthy, happy, […]
  • 8 Foods to Help Lower Blood Pressure Without Medication

    High blood pressure is something that can creep up on you. Whether your genes leave you predisposed to it or you lifestyle is likely to bring it on, few things are as dangerous in the long run as pumping too much blood through your body. High blood pressure can quietly damage your body for years […]
  • Ice Cream for Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner!

    How amazing would it be if you could eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream every day and still be healthy? Ever since I was diagnosed with having a dairy allergy I have longed for that sweet creamy flavor of ice cream. Here in this simple and delicious paleo fruit smoothie are the creamy flavors of […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 4 Years ago
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