• 7 Quick-and Healthy, On-the-Go Options for You or Your Kids!

    I’ve given a lot of thought to food prep in the past few days.  I’m a pretty busy person — by choice — and food preparation can feel like such an inconvenience!  I want my meal prep to be a side act, and not the main attraction —  and from the looks of many kids’ […]
  • Surprising Health Concerns About Cow’s Milk You Should Know About

    Cow’s milk is often considered nature’s most wholesome food. But, is drinking milk from cows really healthy for you? A growing body of scientific evidence continues to cast doubt on the belief that cow’s milk is healthy for human consumption. That is not to say that cow’s milk does not have its health benefits. Modest milk intake […]
  • Reach Your Weight Goals with a Simple Equation!

    You do not need to be a Sherlock Holmes in order to understand weight loss. Calories in, calories out. It really is that simple. So, yes, you will obviously lose poundage when you cut out a food group (or two or three). Why do you think “low-carb” diets are so successful? But you do not […]
  • Where To Get Vitamin D During The Winter Months

    Vitamin D is a wonderful vitamin that helps cure all sorts of health ailments. It has shown to lower rates of cancer, bone fractures, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Due to the amount of time people spend indoors over 75 percent of Americans aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. Supplements can be somewhat effective however […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 4 Years ago
  • Sore Throat Remedies.

    The temperature dipping outside can only mean one thing… No, not that is time for the holidays, but that you are about to deal with sore throats and runny noses. Let us be honest… When you are returning home for the holidays, you want to impress all of your exes and the family members who […]
  • Amazing Benefits of Honey – 10 ways to use Honey in Home Remedies

    Honey, which the honey bees have been delivering for the last 150 million years, contains the majority of the ingredients important to support life, including water. Honey has been an essential part in the human diet for many years. The health benefits of honey have been publicized everywhere from old history books to clinical trials […]
  • Paleo “Caveman” Diet

    Females and males, alike, are participating in CrossFit, an exercise that focuses on creating a competitive nature among its participants, through aerobic, body weight and Olympic weightlifting exercises. In order to succeed in perfecting the ideal physique, participants are told to follow a strict Paleolithic, or “caveman ” diet. The Paleolithic diet (often referred to […]
  • 6 Slimmed-Down Thanksgiving Recipes

    It is estimated that the average American consumes around 4,500 calories over the course of a Thanksgiving meal. Yes, you read that right: 4,500! That’s more than twice the typical 2,000 calorie-diet bases that many food companies use on their packaging, and for only a single meal. And while Thanksgiving is certainly a food-centric holiday, […]
  • Home Remedies for Natural Hair Growth.

    We all want to look as if we were photoshopped and pushed off of the pages of our favorite magazines. But the reality is that some horrible lighting, or “bad” angle, will quickly erase that illusion and remind us that everyday stresses (or just genetics, in general) prevent us from having the thick, glowing hair […]
  • Everyday Foods Linked With Cancer You Should Avoid

    It’s probably not something you think about every day, but there are about 200 different types of known cancer. The chronic disease is linked to many possible causes. For example, tobacco smoke when inhaled can cause lung cancer. Overexposure of the skin to the sun’s rays can cause melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer. Moreover, […]
  • Why You Should Choose a Gluten-Free Diet.

    You have all seen it. Too many people joining the Gluten-Free bandwagon. What is the deal? And, more importantly, is it good for you? Gluten is the “protein” that allows breaded products the “elasticity to stick together.” However, you do not need to suffer from Celiac Disease, or even have a gluten allergy, to reap […]
  • 4 Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolate This Christmas

    As the festive season draws nearer there are a number of inevitable events that are going to occur. Firstly, there will be intense, last minute panic when you realise you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for someone you’ve made plans to see within the next 48 hours. They will probably receive some sort of bath […]
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