• What Is In Fat Burn X?

    When it comes to fat burner supplements, the Internet is full of scams. Be damn careful of what website you are on when you are reading a “promo” for a fat burner. Make sure the website is legit. Fat Burn X is one of the most sought after and popular fat burners on the market. […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 9 Months ago
  • Cayenne Pepper For Weight Loss

    Cayenne Pepper For Weight Loss | An Introduction Most people have a pretty love-hate relationship with Cayenne pepper. You either love that ultra-spicy effect or you avoid it like the plague. Many restaurants misuse the spice, dumping an overly liberal amount on foods. When used in moderate amounts and with other savory combinations, cayenne pepper […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 11 Months ago
  • Why Elite Athletes Use CLA To Burn Fat

    CLA is an acronym for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Say that a couple of times and you probably gain a clear understanding as to why we typically use the acronym in place of the full name. Thought, just making an attempt at pronouncing or spelling it has to burn away a few calories via frustration. When […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 1 year ago