• Is Your Revenge Body Healthy? Maybe…JUST MAYBE

    The text message responses became sluggish to reply, sometimes they even went totally unanswered. The excuses to not hang out on the weekends piled up faster than bad reviews did when Boo! A Madea Halloween was premiered in 2016. You suspected something was wrong. You asked friends, you were told you were paranoid. But then, […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 1 month ago
  • Popular Athletic Trainer Rips ‘Get In Shape Fast’ Marketing

    We’ve all been there. Laying in bed, mulling one of the modern world’s most enigmatic matters to a point that we can’t even sleep. How long does it take to get in shape? That question, when read aloud, is almost traumatic to hear. Worse than Fran Drescher as an auctioneer. Worse than using a rusty […]
    • by Cory Hedgepeth
    • 2 Months ago
  • How Mental And Emotional Health Can Be Improved Through Exercise

    Often times, when we feel depressed, we aren’t always up for a workout. Going for a run when we can’t pay our electric bill, or after we’ve learned our family member swindled us out of money, doesn’t always sound appealing. At that point, the only thing that we’d run for is if we were running […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 2 Months ago
  • Yoga

    The first time I saw people doing yoga, I thought, now there’s an activity that’s completely NOT for me. But low and behold, I sure found out that I was incorrect in my assertion. In fact, as I would learn, yoga is for just about everyone who is looking to improve their health, both mentally […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 2 Months ago
  • Living Green Supreme Food Review

    Living Green Supreme Food Review | An Introduction In the western diet, we don’t typically get enough healthy greens. Cooking with kale, broccoli, and spinach isn’t always on the top of our agenda when we get home from work or finish dealing with our kid’s needs all day. There is nothing healthier on earth than […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 3 Months ago
  • Testogen Review

    Testogen Review | The Natural Testosterone Booster Low testosterone is a plague for men over the age of 30. It is also a highly profitable venture for pharmaceutical companies. Normal testosterone levels in men is 280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). Many men begin to show a decline in their testosterone levels after the age […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 3 Months ago
  • A Simpletons Guide To a Healthier Life

    We all wish that living a healthy lifestyle were an easier endeavor. But the fact remains, our modern world is constantly challenging our will and ambition. And it does a good job breaking both if we aren’t careful. A simple trip to the mall exposes us to junk foods, alcohol and fattening foods. Gatherings, such […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 5 Months ago
  • How To Use Caffeine For Fat Loss And Exercise Performance

    Do you look forward to that first cup of coffee every morning? I know I do. A few magical sips is all it takes to clear my head and brush off that sleepy feeling. According to statistics of 2015, coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year (that’s 8% of the 18 billion dollar U.S […]
  • Starbucks Anyone? How To Use Caffeine To Burn Belly Fat

    I love having a cup of coffee in the morning. And that’s mostly because I love caffeine. I will take caffeine in any form it comes, including green tea, kombucha and even dark chocolate. I’m a caffeine junky. But the fact is, caffeine is bad for you. Oh, wait, no it isn’t, I just read […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 5 Months ago
  • Why Everyone Should Take Cold Showers (Hint, They Are Super Healthy)

    If there is one thing that most people in the modern world appreciate, it is a hot shower. Whether that shower begins the start of a grueling work day or ends as the fruits of a day’s labor, a hot shower is revered by many as the perfect choice. Hot showers certainly feel therapeutic and calming. […]
    • by Grayson Wayne
    • 5 Months ago
  • How To Eat Paleo While Backpacking

    Spring is here and so is the beautiful weather. It’s time to pull out the camping gear and get ready for the next backpacking trip. For a few years now I’ve always managed to overload myself with extra items I didn’t need. Mainly it was food. I eat a very strict paleo diet so buying […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 6 Months ago
  • 10 Great Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

    I’m a bicycling enthusiast — when the weather is right! (No rain, no snow, and no excessive heat or cold!)  When the weather is nasty, it can be harder for me to stay fit.  It’s time to get creative and mix things up a bit.  Here are some cold weather options to keep yourself healthy […]
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