• 5 Easy Steps to Parenting in the Present

    “Where has the time gone?” “I can’t believe they’re in high school already! It seems like just yesterday they were starting kindergarten.” “They grow up so fast!” If you personally have yet to utter any of these words, no doubt someone you know has. While it’s true time seems to be speeding up and life […]
  • 6 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from the Cold and Flu

    Cold and flu season is upon us, and while there’s no better preventative measure than getting a flu vaccine, there are lots of ways to stay healthy and keep any illnesses as brief and mild as possible. 1. Wash your hands Washing your hands will help get rid of germs you may have picked up […]
  • 13 Great Uses for Baking Soda

    For years, I would get baking soda and baking powder mixed up. Then I discovered how magical it really was! You can use it for so many things around the house, it’s not laden with chemicals, and it’s way cheaper than any cleaners. Now I buy a huge 13 pound bag every few months – […]
  • 7 Little Things You Can do Everyday to Strengthen Your Relationship

    If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time it is easy to fall into a funk where you aren’t doing the simple little things that can bring to closer to you partner. Just because you’ve had a long day and you don’t feel like being your usual upbeat self is no reason you […]
  • 10 Things Emotionally Strong People Do When In A Relationship

    Healthy relationships don’t just happen. They are built deliberately by two committed people or parties over time and with patience. If you want to improve your friendship, marriage or dating relationship and keep it meaningful and satisfying, you not only need patience, commitment and time, but also inner emotional strength and awareness. Here are some […]
  • Epigenetics: How The World Can Change Your DNA

    In a lot of ways evolution has stacked the deck against those of us living in western society in the 21st century. Whereas a prehistoric forbearers benefited from a strong desire to eat as much fat and salt as they could get their hands on (because they frequently couldn’t get their hands on much) modern […]
  • 10 Universal Truths Every Good Parent Should Teach Their Kids

    Are you a good parent? My guess is you are or want to be, otherwise you wouldn’t be interested in this article. As good parents, we all want the best for our kids. We want to raise them right, but the abundance of parenting information out there can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, there are a […]
  • 6 Ways to Keep the Whole Family Active

    Children are little balls of energy, naturally. But with seemingly endless television channels, gaming devices, and social media outlets, it can be difficult to get your kids interested in being physically well. However, there are many things you can do as a family that promote physical wellness without seeming like work. 1. Go on a […]
  • 10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Behave Without Spanking Them

    Parenting can get overwhelming. When kids don’t do what they are supposed, you may be tempted to blow your top and spank them out of desperation. But, it’s never okay to hit children. An increasing number of scientific evidence confirms there is a link between a child being hit, pushed and shoved, and development of […]
  • The 9 Best Exercises for Expecting Mothers

    Exercise is great for pregnant women. Much like it does for everyone else, exercise reduces stress and aches, and improves the moods of expecting mothers. It’s especially great for moms-to-be because it also helps prepare them for delivery, and can reduce the risk of certain medical concerns such as preeclampsia (high blood pressure). Exercise can […]
  • 10 Natural Remedies That Work for You AND Your Pet!

    Is your pet as healthy as you are?   Did you know that some of the things that keep you healthy are great for your pet, too? Doing a little research can help you expand your options for keeping your pet at his or her best. Be sure to check with sources you trust and use […]
  • 4 Ways to Keep Communication from Turning Sour

    Communication is like milk:  it does a body good.  But what happens if that milk sits in the refrigerator for too long and doesn’t get used?  It spoils and turns sour.  The same thing happens to communication when you stop using it. Pretty soon you’ll be constantly hearing yourself mumbling things like, “Wow, it would be […]
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