• Six Simple Insomnia Hacks That Could Change Your Life

    30 to 35% have brief symptoms of all adults struggle with insomnia. I certainly know that I have. And I also know how frustrating the condition can be, I mean, there are only so many reruns of MASH a man can watch late night (ladies, also). If you are like me, you will try anything […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 1 year ago
  • 5 Natural Ways To Not Get Sun Burnt

    I love being out in the sun. Although living in the Pacific Northwest there are months of rain and cold weather to endure before the sun comes out. I tell myself every year that I won’t get sun burnt. However my pale skin always seems to get scorched. The one thing that always deters me […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 1 year ago
  • Get Out There: Let Nature Heal You

    I think there is something really wonderful about every season. However this time of year I find myself, while enjoying holiday festivities, longing to be out in the wilderness. The best part about going out in the woods is that if you hike far enough you run out of cell phone service. There’s no where […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 3 Years ago
  • Gearing Up For the New Year Bash

    Christmas is over, but the countdown has just begun. Everyone is getting ready for a gala 31st night. Restaurants and night clubs are pre-booked, so you can expect that it will be jam packed with people. A house party is another great option for those who love to spend the last day of this year […]
    • by Surela Mukherjee
    • 3 Years ago
  • Have a Holly, Jolly, Eco-Friendly Christmas!

    During the Holiday Season there are several ways to make environmentally friendly purchases. Here are a few helpful tips to have fun and help the environment this Christmas. Consider purchasing an artificial tree that you reuse every year. If you decide to buy a live tree, replant it after Christmas. If you do purchase a […]
    • by Erin Reese
    • 4 Years ago
  • 7 Delightful & Healthy Family Activities for the Holidays

    Christmas is a wonderful time where we get the opportunity to spend valuable time with loved ones, show our love and appreciation for one another, and overall give thanks. It’s a time to build fond memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to have the most memorable Christmas this year or start a fun […]
  • 5 Reasons to Have a Hobby You Enjoy

    Hobbies are what keep me sane. This is absolutely the truth. For me, it’s watching basketball. I love watching games, and it’s a great way to keep my mind off of whatever is going on in my life for a couple of hours. I also often read novels before I go to bed and on the […]