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addys focus reviewDid you forget your wallet at home and end up feeling super embarrassed at happy hour with your coworkers? Does this happen often? You could simply be a cheap $%^% that everyone tries to hide invites from, but you might also be someone who’s memory could use a little boost. Focus, concentration and remembering things we’ve read, seen or heard are essential to performing life’s array of complex tasks. Happy hour, of course, is a joke. However, performing at a high level at your job is certainly no joke. In fact, it is most likely vital to your survival. And the essence of job function is without question, cognitive strength. My Addys Focus review will look at a nootropic supplement that uses natural ingredients that may help boost memory, focus, and concentration.

Don’t worry, you can still forget your wallet in the car as a matter of financial convenience.

At risk of serving you a dish of cold remedial information, I feel it is important to start with the basics when talking about nootropics. Feel free to scroll if you feel you are beyond the first section.

Nootropics | What Does This Strange Word Mean?

In essence, a nootropic is any supplement claiming to improve brain and cognitive function. My Addys Focus review will show that it, like many other nootropics, claims to help people improve their memory and overall brain endurance. But these newer nootropics, such as Addys Focus, are part of a new horizon in the world of nootropics. Distinguishing the type of nootropics coming out today between the older versions which started cropping up in the 90’s is pretty essential. Older nootropics, such as ephedrine, gave users harsh side effects (or at least many users reported such negative occurrences).

Nootropics such as Addys Focus rely more on natural, less harsh, ingredients such as herbs and amino acids. Because science has proven that many herbs and amino acids can work to help our brain health, newer nootropics are safer, more successful nootropics.

I can remember trying ephedrine in the 90’s as a college student. I admit, I enjoyed the “brain fuel” that helped me in my college courses, but the side effects were notable and caused me to cease using it. Insomnia and irritability were pervasive during my experiences. But I admit to having enjoyed experiencing that second mental gear. Thankfully, nootropics such as Addys Focus and a handful of others on the market allow me to take advantage of this increased awareness and focus without all the stimulant side effects.

Nootropics are brain supplements, for better or for worse. Not all brain supplements are equal. Read my Addys Focus review to find out if this brain supplement is right for you.

Addys Focus Review | Seriously, How The Heck Does This Stuff Work?

Before we dive into “how it works,” let’s have a look at what the manufacturer claims it does. The manufacturer claims that people who take Addys Focus will experience a higher level of focus and concentration. It claims you will feel less mental fatigue, which would help you endure mental tasks for longer durations. It claims to mimic Adderall, but with no side effects. Adderall, like ephedrine, was always criticized by users as being addictive and causing unwanted side effects.

Addys Focus relies on natural, whole green coffee beans as the centerpiece to their product’s legitimacy. Green coffee beans, unlike regular coffee beans, aren’t nutritionally compromised. Yes, that Starbucks coffee may taste good and the energy pop may feel exciting, but the truth is, you aren’t getting much in the way of nutrition. Raw green coffee beans have their nutritional profiles intact.

Addys Focus Ingredients | Do I Care?

Of course you care! Don’t ever take a supplement without knowing exactly what’s in it. Many supplements make claims that their ingredients simply can’t back up, that’s why all my reviews possess links to legitimate studies. Claims without proof are just hype.

Whole Green Coffee Powder: The staple of Addys Focus ingredients. The greater variety of claims are based on the inclusion of this ingredient. In this study, moderate doses of whole green coffee powder improved cognitive function. One study related “moderate” weight loss for people who used whole green coffee powder.

Rhodiola Rosea: This is one of my favorite individual supplements. Before I realized I could get it as a part of nootropic supplements, I purchased it individually. It’s costly, my bottles were $50 for 120 capsules. Rhodiola Rosea helps relieve anxiety by regulating the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. It is also well known to reduce mental stress.

Ginseng: Ginseng is likely the most popular, well-known ingredient at play in Addys Focus. Even if you’ve never used ginseng, you’ve most certainly heard of it. One study showed that those in their middle ages could substantially benefit from the effects of ginseng.

Gingko Biloba: One of the most ancient herbs known to man, gingko biloba’s brain health effects have been known for centuries. One study shows that gingko increases cerebral blood flow.

L-Tyrosine: Scores of people have attested to the brain enhancing abilities of L-Tyrosine. Additionally, it is known to reduce stress.

What Do I Say About Addys Focus?

I say it is a legit cognitive enhancement supplement. The research backs the ingredients, which Addys Focus manufacturer fully discloses. These are all ingredients I’d personally take individually, but being able to get them in a bulk supplement is wonderful value. Yes, there are a handful of other brain enhancement supplements and it is always a good idea to read other reviews, but this one is definitely a winner.

Your brain matters. When it comes to being productive, a sharp mind is a driving factor. The longer you can focus and the faster you can pull information from your memory bank, the more work you’ll be able to get accomplished. I know I wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t discovered nootropics.



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